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Who We Are

Westerly Acres: Family Farming Since 1950.

Westerly Acres is a family farm, owned and run by the Westeringh Family in Chilliwack, BC. With deep family roots in the farming industry, the Westeringh’s legacy started in the 1950’2 with Great Opa Westeringh.

Located in the Netherlands, Great Opa Westeringh raised crops, dairy cows, and chickens. This remains the focus of the Westeringh family, even 7 decades later.

Our History

Dick Westeringh’s father moved to Canada from Holland shortly after the Second World War. With a farming history on both sides of the family, Dick’s father really wanted to farm but didn’t have a profession. And so, Westerly Acres was created.

At 11 months old, Dick Westeringh was brought to live on the farm, growing up and later spending his teenage years there. Living on Westerly Acres for most of his life, Dick and his wife Mary Anne continue to live on the property today. 

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Our Story

as told by Dick Westeringh of Westerly Acres.

Our Legacy

At a very young age, the Westeringh’s were raised to respect and care for their animals as their own family – a quality that sets them apart from the business side of the industry. Starting with a family legacy, it’s the family focus to ensure the generations of farmers coming after have the earth and the farms they need to continue the Westeringh family legacy. 

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Our Farm

The farming operation on Westerly Acres is a combination of a 60-cow dairy and a 40,000 bird broiler chicken farm.

The Westeringh’s also grow winter wheat, planting cover crop following corn harvests to prevent the land from being left as dirt. This practice is beneficial to both the animals and the environment, as it causes less erosion to the soil and also acts to absorb carbon – which we all know we have too much of these days. 

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